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Who am I? I’m an East Coast girl loving life in Montana and I wear many hats these days. I am a Christ-follower, wife, mama, beach lover, in-the-car singer, adventurer, photographer. I love my babies-turned-big girls, chai lattes, chick flicks, hunky hubby, summer days and cross-country skiing. Oh, and I have a constant case of wanderlust!

There were many years when I never expected this to happen. I’ve always loved being behind a camera, from the time I was using my hot pink 110 as a kid to take as many pictures of animals and hot air balloons as I possibly could. My afternoons in high school and college were spent in the darkroom with my breath held, watching images magically develop on the photo paper.

It was only after college that my love for photographing beautiful things and places turned to capturing the lives of the people around me. Especially after becoming a mother, I realized just how fast life passes. It’s often hard to remember the simple things when you’re in the midst of growing tiny humans, but I know photographs will be the only thing that I can look back at later. My laid-back style provides fun and modern images that will leave you re-living this time over and over again.


(Thanks to my fellow photographer Erin Wells for capturing my own special memory.)


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